New ERP Software

The team of Northennh Magazine is proud to announce that we are using a new system to organize and coordinate out little newspaper. We have hired a European company that will develop special ERP software…

new site running

New site up and running

Our Spanish friends have started a new web site about the proprieties of some of the most popular and most healthy foods, plants, and drinks. I strongly recommend all our readers to go give this…


9Jam new site online

9jam is one of those blogs that is really hard to categorize.  There are some blogs that are clearly about sports, or technology, others that post news, others of opinions…. But is a different story….


Syc – The community

Syc is an old community of collectors that has been around for at least 6/7 years.  Communities like this are hard to come around, mostly because they end up breaking apart in a few years,…


Spain’s Inem

A few years ago the Spanish government gave a new push to their free courses. Before the crisis hit, the government, had this as a side project, without much activity. As the economy started sinking,…


The North Hill Church

Welcome to a brand-new year of looking back. Like fine wine, the history of the North Country seems to get better with each passing year. This month, we present a host of North Country writers…


Among The Clouds

Most months, staff writer Richard Pinette focuses his stories on the North Country’s history. Sometimes, however, he serves up something different and this month’s issue includes one such piece. Dick tells us about the birds…