9Jam new site online


9jam is one of those blogs that is really hard to categorize.  There are some blogs that are clearly about sports, or technology, others that post news, others of opinions…. But http://9jam.com/ is a different story. When you have dozen of writers working on one project, with a lot of autonomy you get this hybrid site. It has a bit of everything.  You need a new receipt for tonight’s dinner? You want no know what’s going on with Apple’s new Iphone?

9jam editors follow a few guild lines:

  • Write what you know about
  • Write something you want to know about
  • Write from experience
  • Write with emotions  

With these 4, not so simple lines, it’s hard to categorize what 9jam is doing. Other site have experts that only write about what they know, but here you can find a lot of interesting post from people that are learning as they write. This brings new point of view, a new and fresh point of view.

Not everything is good about this kind of site. It can be really hard to navigate, especially when you accidentally activate the Multilanguage site. If you know Spanish you won’t have any problems, but the moment you get overrun with post in Spanish about Europe and other places, you will get confused.

Over all this is an interesting blog, and it’s worth a read or two. They need to work a bit more on their design and their editorial team, but overall, I say this blog it’s a 5 Start site!