Mount Washington Hotel and Resort Meeting


In the more than two decades that we have been writing about northern New Hampshire, we have seen a lot of promotions and press events designed to get the attention of those of us in the business of writing about our region. But we must admit this past month we experienced one of the ultimate successes in this category. When you leave a group of routinely skeptical reporters breathless, that’s quite an accomplishment.

That’s exactly what the folks at the Mount Washington Hotel and Resort, shown above, pulled off last month, as they invited 150 press and tourism people and their guests for a sneak preview of what it will be like later this year when they open for the first winter of service. Donna tells what we saw and what we did in her report this month.

Susan visits with the Yelles, a family which has endeared themselves to many in the region since turning an old potato barn in Northumberland into an emporium of all things old and desirable. We congratulate the Yelles on their decade of business.

Also congratulations are due the Sundman family and all associated with the Littleton Coin Company. We were on hand last month as they proudly showed off their new head-quarters in Littleton’s Industrial Park.

My colleague at The News and Sentinel, Leith Jones, crosses over into our pages this month with some intriguing photos of balloons over Lake Francis in Pittsburg.

Some familiar businesses will be sporting new names as a result of business transactions announced last month. American Tissue has acquired Crown Vantage, a move which we think bodes well for the people of the Androscoggin Valley. Also Laconia Savings has purchased a number of Fleet Bank-NH branches in our region. Both are the subject of “In The News” reports this month.

We reach back to recall the Aiken family of Franklin and its role in the development of our Cog Railway. Also we watched as the former Colebrook Grammar School at last disappeared into the history books.

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Charles J. Jordan