Natural Health care with the best teas

Natural Health care with the best teas

We have known for ages that tea has some great benefits for our health, from helping us to fight the common flu, or help a simple fiber, but in last few decades, more and more studies have shown us that the different teas can help us with many other health issues.

There are some really good websites that have become hubs for these studies, like the color of tea. In this site you can find the different proprieties of the most popular varieties of teas. And more interesting, you’ll find some really interesting comparisons between green tea, white tea, black tea, coffee and many other corporations.

You will also find some really interesting articles about the most popular types of tea, like:

  • White tea
  • Oolong Tea
  • Black Tea
  • Herbal Tea
  • Olive Leaf Tea
  • Rooibos

When you finish with this site, you’ll be an expert on teas!

Some really interesting benefits of the standard green tea we are so used to drinking are:

  • Green tea can help you prevent and fight some types of cancers, like lung cancer, colon cancer, and it can prevent collateral cancer.
  • Green tea is great for you heart, it reduces your chance to have a heart attack 60%!
  • It helps with artritis, preventing the symptoms thank to its innate anti-inflammatory benefit.
  •  It prevents cavities; most teas have this property, because most teas have an antibacterial effect that kills the bacterial responsible for cavities.