New ERP Software


The team of Northennh Magazine is proud to announce that we are using a new system to organize and coordinate out little newspaper.

We have hired a European company that will develop special ERP software to help us optimize our work. If you are wondering what an ERP software is and does… here it goes:

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, this type of computer programs are specially design for the company, or organization that will use them, and it rarely can be used by different companies, because it’s targeted specially for each company. Thanks to ERP software will help us grow.

In most cases this programs will access and edit data basses with all the information that an employee needs for his or her daily duties. It will also help them edit, add, and delete this data. In some cases it can correct the person who is working.

How will this ERP software help us?

This type of software aren’t only for the workers, it also keeps track of employee workload: work done, work to be done, work in progress, etc…  This is great for huge companies who have hundreds of employees, and cannot keep track of them.

Thanks to the new technologies, we can now use this type of programs in the go, with smartphones, and work from home from the internet.

We hope this software will help us not only work better, and more, but also help each, and everyone to grow as writers, editors, and professionals in general.