Gaut Gurley or The Trappers Of Umbagog

One day last fall Richard E. Dill–pictured here–a 77-year-old attorney from Island Pond, Vermont, had an opportunity to see northern New Hampshire as few of us do nowadays. Dill, a lifelong railroad buff, hopped a…


Chase Barn Playhouse in Whitefield

The printed schedule here, dating back 38 years, is from the final season of the Chase Barn Playhouse in Whitefield. Begun by the legendary Will Chase in the Depression, for a generation it brought top-flight…


The Return Of The Indian Motorcycle

This month we mark our 11th anniversary of publishing this magazine by taking to the road in pursuit of a classic motorcycle. With the return of the motorcycles to the state for the Laconia and…


What Is Next For Colebrook’s Main Street?

Main Streets can be interesting places. Here one finds a mix of enterprise, history and, once in a while, something that defies a category. Nugent’s famous two-headed calf in Colebrook certainly fits into this realm….


A visit to the Balsams Grand Resort

We’ve been photographing presidential candidates and their surrogates for quite a while, but this is the first time we had the camera turned on us. During a visit to the Balsams Grand Resort in Dixville…


The Jazz with F. Scott Fitzgerald

High School students and scholars of the jazz-crazy 1920’s have been reading the books of F. Scott Fitzgerald for decades now. His books like Tales Of The Jazz Age (1922) and The Great Gatsby (1925)…