Spain’s Inem


A few years ago the Spanish government gave a new push to their free courses. Before the crisis hit, the government, had this as a side project, without much activity. As the economy started sinking, they saw the importance of this investing on the people who needed it. This means, that the government, tried to help the people who needed it. It did not hide.

Inem did it?

We can in site like that this helped a lot, or at least reactivate a lot of people. This helped a lot of people, and to this date, when the project is in losing momentum again, it has hundreds of followers and supporters. This is how you can actually see if a state project worked or not. Is not only raw numbers that matter. If people who got help with this think that is worth keeping, if there is people that want to be part of it, this means that it should be kept as is, or make it better, not let it rot, as if no one cared.