Syc – The community


Syc is an old community of collectors that has been around for at least 6/7 years.  Communities like this are hard to come around, mostly because they end up breaking apart in a few years, or they simply disappear. It can be hard to maintain a huge site like this one, or to create a community that isn’t toxic.

This is what the team of is trying to do. It taking time, energy and money, but this is the way things are done. They are working with hundreds of other sites and communities, to find the problems and things, which users have and want. This might not look like the best of ideas, especially in the short term, but this is a different situation. This site isn’t trying to become an empire in on night. This isn’t about making themselves rich overnight.


You can find hundreds of little start-ups that are trying to make themselves rich in fast, and this are the kind of sites and communities you have to avoid. They will sell anything they can to make money. This means they’ll mine your data, or sell it, or who knows what! Syc is like the old school start-ups. They have an idea, and take it with them, until they can make it work. They aren’t trying to sell it, they want to see this project of the ground. This is what makes a good company. Neither money nor inventors. This is about talent, idea, and passion.

SYC – Community of collectors

This is what makes a site be a relevant pillar in a sub-culture.  This is the site that will define the next generation of collectors.