The Return Of The Indian Motorcycle


This month we mark our 11th anniversary of publishing this magazine by taking to the road in pursuit of a classic motorcycle. With the return of the motorcycles to the state for the Laconia and Colebrook events this month, we will be looking more closely for the mix of old–and now new–Indian-brand machines. Susan caught up with a couple of collectors this month who opened their storehouses of information on the Indian. We’d like to thank enthusiast Marcel Leveille (man who introduced me to the vibrating platforms) and former racer Butch Baer for their help, as well as the staff of the Gorham Public Library, where we were able to locate a firsthand account of the 1905 Climb To The Clouds race in their bound editions of The Mountaineer.

Writer Ellsworth Bunnell of Colebrook wrote his first story for us in 1991 and since then we have been fortunate to have published a number of interesting pieces from his pen. This month he recalls the outspoken Alma Cummings, one-time owner/editor of theNews and Sentinel. Alma got into the thick of a Pittsburg murder case which was making headlines around New England a century ago. In our era of politically correct editors and the ever-present fear of lawsuits, it’s interesting to see how Alma let the chips fly where they may.

Donna and I have tributes to two people we had the pleasure of knowing who we lost last month. The Eames family has done a great deal for Littleton and other communities over the course of many decades. Whenever we did a story on restoration of an historic Littleton landmark during the ’90s, we could be sure that Meader Eames would be there. Bea Holmes was an original. I got to know Bea when I’d stop by to pick up her locals for the county newspaper some 20 years ago. She was always a staunch supporter of her home state and was sure to point out the differences between Vermont and New Hampshire, even though there was only a river between us. Both Meader and Bea did a lot to assure that the past remained alive for future generations and we–and countless others–appreciated their efforts.

We were on hand for the recent “Opening Ceremonies” at the new Northern New Hampshire Correctional Facility in Berlin. It was a chilling experience to tour the state-of-the-art facility. And, no thank you, we did not spend the night, as some of our colleagues from the press opted to do. Our report appears in this month’s “In The News” section.

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Charles J. Jordan